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spots in minutes >> some developing news from the east bay, he is in san leandro at a store that was held up over night. >> i did just get off the phone with san leandro police who could give me very little details at this point but we understand an armed robbery took place at the safeway store last night at around 9:00. the store is now reopened for business. i spoke with one employee who did not want to go on camera. she said right around 9:00 last night she was coming to work when she saw several police cars in the parking lot and she heard an armed robbery took place as customers were still inside the store. we're still waiting to hear more details. police said all they could confirm was that an armed robbery took place. we're still trying to figure
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out the details of how that happened, how many were involved. we expect a press release earlier this morning. >> a nine year-old girl is conducted from our san mateo school. she is now safe and the suspected kidnappers behind bars but concerns about school safety remain top of mind. and is at the park side school where school administrators will address parents in just a few hours >> that meeting is at 830 and after an incident like this many things come under scrutiny. they found a gap in the fence and they are now fixing that, one of many measures that administrators are looking at right now when it comes to a campus security. this is after an incident on friday when a nine year-old girl reported a man groper and then carried her out of a bathroom and off the campus taking her to a house two blocks away where she kicked him and managed to
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get away. earlier that day police say the same man offered some kid some thought that and also made an appearance at another elementary school. the 25 year-old was arrested the next day but news of the attempted adoption falling campus security into question. >> i'm really terrified because it is not something i have ever expected, been here for a few years now, i've never heard of this before and i thought it was a safe neighborhood. they sent a letter >> no students will be dropped off until 8 in the morning, the front doors are locked at 845. every visitor must wear a badge and all gates must be secured all day long. the letter also included reminders for parents how to talk to kids about stranger danger, like tactics that some kidnappers used offering kids'
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candy or asking for help and now apparently offering them vodka as well. police will be here at parked side elementary. >> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar will be back in court this afternoon. 21 year-old antolin garcia- torres may enter a plea today. sierra lamar vanished in march and her body has not been found that dna evidence linking her to garcia torahs. a family of five is displaced after fire heavily damaged as their home. fire crews were called to the home just after 7 last night. investigators say the fire began in the garages quickly spread to the roof which partially collapsed. no one was injured and the causes under investigation >> officers in oakland respond to another shooting that left a pregnant woman injured.
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broken glass hit her yesterday in the middle of a drive-by shooting. the attack happened an hour after almost instantly. the monitoring network currently covers about half the city. police want to expand by adding fruit veil and a portion of oakland. >> is our belief that if we can track it, we can predict it and if we can predict it, we can prevent it. >> oakland police say the system is one of the tools in their overall effort against gun violence in their city. it was the shooting investigation that brought traffic to a standstill in castro valley. shots fired last night, quite a mess. the oakland tribune reports one
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bullet riddled car was abandoned along the freeway. traffic backed up for 10 mi. last night because the road was closed for more than an hour >> police foiled an inside job at facebook. officers say the pair tried to take off with almost 50 laptop computers from facebook old headquarters. a 20 year-old used to patrol the offices as a private security guard and both men face charges of burglary and grand theft. >> with get you out the door with some traffic and weather. >> we have a lot of fog out there right now, a little thick in some spots. here comes the sun shining and improving weather over the next couple of days. if we're lucky we might clear things out along the coast. temperatures not as cold, mainly in the fifties outside right now. by the afternoon, plenty of
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sunshine. 81 in napa valley. 78 in san jose. patchy fog out towards the coast line but towards the weekend, maybe we get closer to 70 degrees even at the beaches. >> it is getting a bit busy out there, let's go live to the bay bridge toll plaza. we see a bit of a back up, most delays in the cash plans. fast-track is moving along nicely. slow traffic was down through antioch. roadwork east bound between bailey and railroad. westbound 583 the altamont pass is starting to see some slow conditions. northbound 280, a look out for a vehicle stock causing a bit of a distraction towards 19th.
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>> pg&e says it has been made a scapegoat for the gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people in san bruno. that was their message yesterday in a san francisco court room where a judge will decide if pg&e should be fine for the disaster. those fines could reach the hundreds of millions of dollars. a lawyer said the utility is responsible to a certain degree but denied that safety violations led to the explosion. other bay area headlines, a 17 year-old is expected to plead guilty to charges stemming from a fatal collision in concord. he and his nine year-old daughter were killed when a vehicle slammed into their bicycles in april. the driver is due in court today. san francisco health officials report the city's first case of west all virus in seven years. officials say a man was infected locally because he has not traveled. the bay area has had four cases this year >> pick up and move or go, the
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choice that comcast is offering workers. there disconnecting all three california call centers at the end of november and putting them in different states. the closures affect about 1000 employees, several hundred live right here in the bay area. a have two options, relocating to colorado oregon or washington or take a severance package >> i'm crying, i don't know, i'm a mother and i have bills and everything, they don't take that into consideration >> comcast says that is the cost of doing business in california, it is simply too high >> the iranian president is set to address the u.n. general assembly in new york city today. iran and its nuclear program have been in the spotlight this week. he granted an interview to cbs this morning and spoke about tensions between his country and
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the u.s. >> americans have repeatedly said that iranian government must change and the iranians behavior after all, what does that mean? can one country based on their own opinion this side and establish a red line for another country and then threaten attacks? >> war of the interview can be seen on cbs this morning shortly after 7:00 a.m. >> on to the race for the white house, a new poll shows president obama has strong leads in three key swing states. spot is in ohio where both candidates will be campaigning today. yesterday was mostly about foreign policy with the president speaking at the un and both canada speaking separately at the clinton global initiative. both candidates are expect to
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focus on the state of the economy. >> it cost about as much as the mansion. we got a look at the world's most expensive dress. what makes it so special. >> it is going up at lightning speed, and inside tour of the progress. >> outrage over tax hikes, how,,
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>> a suicide attack today in eastern afghanistan killed to nato service members. officials have just released more information saying the
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attack involved small arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades and a man wearing a vest with explosives. more violence today in syria as a pair of explosions rocked the capital. a car bomb and another explosive went off at the army command headquarters, prompting sporadic gun battles. dozens of people are now reported killed. violence in the latest general strike and protest in greece, protesters in athens are throwing molotov cocktails and bottles. about 50,000 people took part in an anti-government march. schools and businesses are closed and operations protests turned violent in spain has thousands gathered to protest tax hikes and new cutbacks. more than two dozen officers were hurt.
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let's get a look at the roadways. >> it is getting busy out there, on the san mateo bridge we see some back up westbound towards foster city. it looks like it will ease up in just a few minutes. so far, slow and go west bound. no delays if you are working towards a word. the bay bridge and metering lights have been turned on. it is still ok as you head through the fast track planes. was down 4 at hillcrest there is an accident and the damage is done, a bit of a backup. we do have road work and a couple of lanes are closed until 1:00 this afternoon. reports of an accident, chp is on the scene trying to clear
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out lanes. you will need a few extra minutes west down 580, lots of brake lights as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. northbound 280 around 19th, we have a trouble spot with a broken-down vehicles, possibly an accident. chp is there possibly causing a bit of a distraction. also under way, a partial clothes are along the embarcadero. this is due to cruise ships today. this will cause delays for mass transit in that area so do plan for that. the golden gate bridge looks good if your work your way out of marin county. so far, no major delays. quiet along 880 as you work your way towards the maze. >> we're starting out with patchy fog if you have outside
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this morning. visibility down to about half mile in the santa rosa area so watch out for that. clouds lift nicely again and we should see improving weather. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine again with temperatures up in the '80s. '60s and '70s inside the day. 95 degrees in fresno. 85 in yosemite. high pressure showing signs of building and so we will see warmer weather. along the coastline we might squeeze in some sunshine as we head towards the weekend. 80 degrees in law status. patchy fog in half moon bay. east bay temperatures in the
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'80s. 86 in fairfield and 81 in the napa valley. it will take a little bit longer for the low clouds to break up. eighties in the north bay. the next couple of days we will cranked the temperatures of back towards normal for this time of year maybe with mid-90s by saturday. along the coastline, temperatures near 70 degrees. >> love her or hate her, snippy has made her mark on the state of new jersey. a state assemblyman has introduced a new law to regulate reality show filming in the state. under the lot shows might have to pay for additional security. he says he does not want public safety to be compromised.
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lady gaga takes on the tabloids by taking off her clothes. she posted this photo of herself on her website yesterday to jab at those attacking her for her weight gain. i guess it sheet gained about 25 lbs.. she said she has battled eating disorders since she was 15. she invited her fans to post photos as well >> she looks great. >> address for a woman who loves life cost $5 million >> a sparkling black dress is aiming for the title of the world's most expensive dress. a british designer who designed the dress with 52 carrot black diamonds. it is decorated with white diamonds framed in gold. it weighs about 30 lbs.. the world's most expensive cocktail dress has 85 diamonds
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with a price tag of $15 million. >> round-the-clock work is paying off. we're getting our first look at the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. we want to hear what is cool about your school, e-mail us or you can facebook or twitter five reasons why your school should be our school school of the week and we might take a trip out your school in feature it,,,,
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>> headed out the door on this wednesday morning, low clouds
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and fog showing up in north bay. temperatures will be warming up nicely. >> lots of company at the bay bridge toll plaza. delays beyond the first overpass, also slow coming off the shore freeway. we're just getting some very sad news in the entertainment world, and williams, 84 years old, just passed away. i remember the and the william showed when i was a kid and i always look forward to his christmas specials >> the show ran for many years. apparently he was diagnosed with bladder cancer a few months ago, he was 84 years old. crews are working almost around the clock on the new 49ers football stadium. a 400 workers are working double shifts. they're working a six day work
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week. the steel frame is going up quickly. 47 escalators have already been installed. the goal is to open in 2014 but it is already starting to shape up. milky cabrera will not be on the playoff roster when his suspension for failing a drug test ends. management is working on a rotation for the giants and they plan to go with five starters. can lincecum set suffered a setback against the diamondbacks. the game did not mean a lot but tim lincecum had a rough start. arizona wins the game 7-2. the a's moved to four games behind the rangers for the division lead. they're big shot came in the 10th. a solo shot as the a's beat the rangers 3-2. today's play of the day comes
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from georgia. the braves are down one run with one out. freddie freeman says let's go to the playoffs. gone. it gives the braves a victory over the marlins. like the giants, they're going to the postseason. new polls out this morning, which presidential candidate is losing a bit of staging. >> panic at a bay area bart station. with the agency now says forced passengers to flee the platforms >> i just spoke with employees at a safeway store that was robbed last night. we're learning more details about how scary and intense the situation got for both employ,,,,
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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>> good morning everyone. >> armed robbers terrorizing customers and employees the right inside an east bay safeway >> parents push for answers after an attempted kidnapping at a peninsula school. that and more in your morning minute. >> is our belief that if we can track it we can predict it and if we can predict it we can prevent it >> oakland pouring more money into technology >> shot spotter covers half of the city and police hope that with this new money they can increase their coverage to about
6:31 am
70%. >> a how high speed gun battles that down a stretch of 580 backing up traffic for 10 >> a choice that comcast is offering hundreds of local workers >> crews are working almost around-the-clock on the new san francisco 49ers stadium. president obama and mitt romney will be competing for attention in ohio today. >> the path on offer is harder but it leads to a better place >> 50 shades of gray has become an obsession >> the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> i happen to think that the referees were part-time for the obama administration in the budget office >> and armed robbery
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last night while people were shopping. >> kate just spoke with some employees about the terrifying ordeal. >> i did speak with employees to said they're very nervous about returning to work. when i walked in and spoke with employees they told me that around 9:00 last night, five men quickly came in with guns and held three cashier's up allowing them to get down on the ground. the employee tells me this escalated very quickly. customers were inside the store shopping. she says one of the employees tried to get away and then the suspect cursed at the employee and yelled at him to get back down on the ground or else. it is a scary situation for employees returning to work this morning. i did speak to san leandro
6:33 am
police and she did confirm that an armed robbery did occur at this location last night. we're waiting for them to confirm these exact details and if any arrests were made. as far as we know no one was injured but we're waiting for official details to come out. >> a nine year-old girl of salted and abducted from her san mateo school. the student is safe and the suspect is behind bars. a few hours from now school officials will talk about a safety plan. >> that is just one of several creepy incidents at schools in san mateo over the last week. now they're looking at all sorts of security measures. they're planning on fixing the gap in a fence and they will be talking about all these measures in a community meeting that starts at 830. that is after an incident on friday when a nine year-old girl
6:34 am
reported that a man groped her and carried her out of a bathroom and off campus taking her to a house two blocks away or she kicked him and managed to get away. earlier that day police say the same man offered some kid some thought that at a bayside academy and also made an appearance at another elementary school. news of the attempted abduction is calling campus security into question. >> am very sad to hear that and i'm very anxious because it is not good for the neighborhood that these things happen here. a lot of anxiety is caused >> the park side principal sent a letter to parents explaining the rules that will now be strictly enforced. no student is to be dropped off until 8:00 in the morning. every visitor must wear a badge and all gates must be secure all day long. the letter also included reminders about how to talk to
6:35 am
your kids about stranger danger including the fact that a stranger may not look strange on the surface. at 830 police will be here as well and everyone is invited. >> school officials and the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is in court. antolin garcia-torres might enter a plea today. sierra lamar is body has not been found that dna evidence linked her to him. >> a family of five displaced after fire heavily damaged their home in the evergreen area. crews are still on the scene keeping an eye on the roof which is still smoldering. they were called to the home just after 7 last night. investigators say the fire began in the parking garages and spread to the roof which partially collapsed. nobody was injured. a pregnant woman will be okay
6:36 am
after a shooting in oakland. bullets hit two cars and three homes in the area but the only injury was to a woman who was hit by some flying glass. the shooting just one hour before the oakland city council meant to pay for more technology to cut down on gun violence and police would like to expand the shot spotting technology to cover more of the city. >> can you say that the money is worth it? >> yes, we have had several crucial cases where the shot spotter data has been a crucial point that has allowed the police department to identify the shooter, the location of the shootings. >> oakland has recorded 3200 activation so far this year alone but only about 25 percent of the gunfire was reported by people calling on 11. it is only wednesday but the weekend is approaching
6:37 am
>> we're starting off with more fog and low clouds around the bay area. sunny skies and what looks like a very nice day ahead. we will see clouds give way to sunshine as we work our way towards the afternoon. it looks like we will see plenty of sunshine today in the south bay. he spake temperatures popping up in the '80s in many spots. back inside the day, a little bit longer to clear out. the 72 degrees in oakland. >> we are starting to see some brake lights through westbound 237 in milpitas. northbound 101 through san jose is starting to see a few brake
6:38 am
lights. the peninsula drive times are also in the green. so far so good on 101 in both directions. west down 580 is looking like some slow speeds. 880 in both directions, no delays. few brake lights as you hit a word. >> we're getting a good look at the chaos that caused a bart malfunction. surveillance video shows what happened. it debris on the track caused a 1,000 v parked on the track. it sent people scrambling into people complained of smoke inhalation >> the iranian president scheduled to speak before the un general assembly sometime today.
6:39 am
>> americans have repeatedly said that iranian government must change >> its behavior >> yes, but after all, what does that mean? can one country based on their sole opinion decide a red line for another country and then threaten attacks? >> more on the interview can be seen this morning shortly after 7:00. new results show that barack obama has a strong lead in three big swing states >> a poll shows he has a 12 point lead over mitt romney in pennsylvania, nine points in florida and 10 points in ohio. it is in ohio where both candidates are campaigning today. this is president obama from
6:40 am
yesterday. you can see a lot entering the building. the time now is 640. politicians are weighing in on the bad referee call >> fans getting a chance to meet the woman behind christian gray, how they got a chance to talk with her one on one. we will,,
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>> the packers and the seahawks are going political now. candidates are jumping in on the bad referee debate >> paul ryan, a huge packers fan, using the nfl issue in a campaign speech >> i think that these referee is work part-time for the obama administration in the budget office >> president obama said the replacement referees have been put in a tough situation but he also said it does not make sense to him that the nfl is not putting their best officials on the field. >> the replacement weather guy in green bay >> 200 degrees below today we're
6:45 am
looking at. it will really heat up, like 346 degrees by noon. >> what is going on? >> that was his resume tape. no confirmation on that funder blizzard hurricane forecast. >> is a big controversy it with the football. it is frustrating, especially if you are the packers. low clouds and fog have stretched back on shore. we should get some pretty nice weather outside. cloudy skies are a little bit thicker this morning. temperatures are a little bit warmer into the fifties.
6:46 am
by the afternoon the sunshine makes a return. eighties in the valleys and '50s and '60s out towards the coast. delays at sfo of almost one hour on arriving flights. showers and thunderstorms into denver today. chicago, mostly cloudy skies. high pressure beginning to make its way back and across the west coast. the bichirs will start to warm up. temperatures up in the '70s and '80s in the south bay. 80 in los gatos. 76 in mountain view. upper 80s well inland. 86 in livermore, 85 in walnut creek. sunshine in the afternoon should warm temperatures to 72 degrees in oakland. the next couple of days we will see more sunshine on the way.
6:47 am
temperatures will keep up and by the weekend, maybe enough wind to help clear out the skies at the coast and if that happens there could even be some seventies towards the beach. >> i'm getting first reports about a city street accident located at geary and will do that. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. eastbound is pretty light, the bridge metering lights are on an traffic is backed up not quite amazed but it is getting there. slow and go conditions at the
6:48 am
altamont pass. the paul mason cable line is not in service right now. they have bus bridges in place. the rest of mass transit is not reporting any problems. >> not the kind of news we like to pass on but comcast says it will shift 1000 positions out of northern california and into places where it is cheaper to do business like portland oregon, seattle and denver. comcast says it will work with the affected employees in finding jobs at those centers if they are up for moving and if they're not they will be given seven it severance and and benefits. the yahoo! ceo talking with reporters in putting forth her vision for the company.
6:49 am
she wants to focus on growing advertising revenue, requiring stronger talent, and making the company is stronger mobile company by 2015. company stock is up by about a half percent this morning. a pretty strong sell-off yesterday on negative comments from one of the fed members. that sent the down lower by more than 100 points. nasdaq is down 13. >> imagine flying without having to hear baby's crying >>
6:50 am
idea is to give long-distance travelers a little bit of quiet time. some experts say it will not work. we have been asking you if you think a baby free quiet zone on an airline is a good idea. rolf says that airplanes are not that big unless they're going to put up a wall, i'm sure you will still be able to hear them. >> i was on a flight once and my kid had a major temper tantrum from d.c. to denver, a 4.5 hour flight. i felt so bad for the other passengers but take some earplugs and you will be fine. legendary singer andy williams passed away overnight. >> lost his battle with bladder
6:51 am
cancer. ♪ ♪ >> is christmas specials were legendary. he launched his solo career in 1952 and had several hit singles. >> time for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning. gail joins us from new york >> it is good to see you guys and who didn't love that song moon river and the memories it gives to all of us? i loved his voice. >> it is sad news this morning >> he is one of the greats and we're losing too many of them. he was an icon like sammy
6:52 am
davis jr. and are not many left >> at least we will still have his music. we will ask the iranian president about his threat to wipe israel off the face of europe. also we will talk to the head of the nfl players union about the growing outrage over replacement referee is. his concern about safety and what you what can be done to end the lockout. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. >> we will see you at 7:00. it is a guilty pleasure that some women say save their marriage >> others don't even want to admit they read it. people lined up to get their copies of 50 shades of gray to get it signed >> i think it is becoming an
6:53 am
obsession so it is like justin bieber, you get the fever and you can't get rid of it >> it is a wonderful story and a great way to take a break from reality >> san francisco was the next- to-last of on her tour and she will be in l.a. on friday. >> de think she has made some money? >> i bought all three of them and i'm not afraid to admit it. coming up, a final look at top stories. >> , armed robbers took over a san leandro,,
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> they had guns inmate demands. five men taking over in east big grocery store last night. kate spoke with safeway employees about the terrifying event. >> those employees are turning back a little bit on edge after what happened last night when an armed robbery cause the store to shut down. around 9:00 last night five men came in with guns and held cashier's up by gunpoint telling them to get down on the ground. the employee told me that the situation escalated quickly as people were in the store shopping last night. she said one of the employees tried to get away and then one of the suspects yelled at him to get back on the ground or else. it is a scary situation for employees returning back to work this morning.
6:57 am
we're live in san leandro. >> we're getting early reports that a cook was stabbed at a mexican road in san jose overnight. police are no longer on the scene but there is still blood in the parking lot. no word on the victim's condition or a motive for the stabbing >> parents and teachers will talk about campus security at the park side elementary. police say 25 year-old salted and abducted in nine year-old girl from the school on friday. investigators think he is the same man seen working around to other schools earlier that day. >> one last look at the weather and traffic >> patchy fog out there now and a little bit thick in some spots. numbers right now not as cold
6:58 am
as yesterday, down in the fifties. '60s and '70s inside the bay. still patchy fog coastline. numbers near 70 degrees and even at the coast. >> jumping over to the bay bridge now, traffic is slow this morning. metering lights are back up almost to the maze. elsewhere as you move towards 580, 3 the altamont pass, we see a few more brake lights. >> thanks for watching the eyewitness,,,,,,,,
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